Young family영쀄밀리  

Hey guys we are Carla and Lee, a married Korean\Australian couple currently living in Australia. We have a baby, Sage and we make videos about our life together.

Why are we called Young family?
Well firstly, Young is part of Lee's name and secondly we are both.... you guessed it! Young.

Why did we start this channel?
We started this channel as a hobby so that we have something we can work on together and also to try something that we wouldn't usually do. We are having so much fun filming and editing and plan to keep learning and improving.

Are your videos subbed?
All our videos are subbed in both Korean and English. Sorry I (Carla) don't speak Korean yet!

Feel free to message us any comments or questions and we will do our best to reply! You can reach us through YouTube or Instagram @koraucouple


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